10 Tips for Finding Cheap Business Class Tickets to Europe

When does the journey start? The moment you board a taxi headed to the airport or passport control? The moment the plane touches the ground or do you finally reach the first sight?

According to randomly asked tourists, no one answer is right, as a sweet feeling of anticipation sets in right as the plane takes off. However, that feeling is heavily dependent on your comfort: extra legroom, world-class cuisine, toiletries versus limited space, and expensive foods and drinks.

Business class has always been considered only for the chosen few, and many people prefer economy class and claim that class doesn’t matter. However, after trying business class at least once, it’s hard to ‘afford’ anything else. Business class isn’t always an accessible option for a variety of reasons, yet there are ways to access it without spending a fortune.

aims to find out How to get business class fare to EuropeWe have selected and tested the best methods that you can follow:

1. Flight Search Engine

Ticket search starting with popular aggregator Like Kiwi, Momondo, Google Flights, SkyScanner etc. These are the best helpful tools because, instead of searching through each airline, you get the big picture right away. You are offered the shortest, fastest, cheapest flight, direct and combined options. Basically, you can see a clear picture of all the available flights, dates and fares and choose from the ones available.

2. View Official Website

After choosing a suitable flight, it is worth looking at the fares on the official airline website, as offers may differ in price. Also, some airlines may offer business class discounts only on their website.

3. Discount Alert

Few people prefer to receive emails from their subscriptions, yet airline options are worth investigating, as they may offer discount codes, personalized options and cheap fares. Simply put, you get the opportunity to stay tuned all the time and grab the best deal as soon as it appears.

4. Incognito Mode

Some consider the incognito-mode value to be a myth, however, it is just the way the system works. Every website collects cookies which help to define booking patterns and then local ‘skimming’ begins. After a few regular visits through the browser, the user’s payment will increase individually.

To avoid falling into this trap, it is better to use the incognito mode, which is available in every browser, as it lets us use the Internet without storing our information and tracking activity history. Beyond that, it’s worth using another browser or a different IP address.

5. Let flexibility in

This advice may only apply to people who are not tied to a rigid schedule. Flexibility in dates suggests more options, and thus, making it easier to find the best value for money. Sometimes only days and weeks matter, sometimes months too. So, instead of planning a vacation and then looking for matching tickets, do the opposite.

6. Small Talk at the Airport

Occasionally, there is an opportunity to buy a business seat at almost-no cost, as not all of them were sold in advance. They are usually offered at the check-in counter and it is worth asking the attendant about the available options. Last minute deals like this don’t happen often and it’s just a matter of luck, yet it’s important not to be afraid to inquire about it. This is where your soft skills come in handy, as your charisma, communication skills, and rapport with people can be decisive.

7. Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are always a good idea. It has special offers and promotions for customers, accumulation of flight mileage, bonuses and a motivation system. This option is best suited for people who are bound to travel a lot due to professional needs or regular commuters.

8. Bank Offer/VIP Service

Airports and airlines often cooperate with specific banks or banking systems, which provide discounts for users. Sure, there’s a list of conditions to apply, and the most common is a minimum amount spent within a certain period of time. It is important to check the terms and conditions to understand what benefits can be availed.

9. Early to bed, early to rise, better prices

It is no secret that irrespective of the class of travel, early booking offers good value for money. However, advanced time is not counted in years. As a rule, this period begins four months before the flight and ends three weeks before the flight. By tracking price changes, you have a higher chance of getting what you want at the sweetest price. However, do not forget about incognito mode, because the trick will not work.

10. No Congestion Center

Large international airports are mainly located within or outside city lines, providing comfortable landings where you need them. However, there is a price to pay for such a thing. It’s always worth checking airports in a neighboring city, as business class and city transfers can cost the same as an economy flight to a major hub.

Yet another option to check out is collaboration with hotels. As they may offer free transfers that can make up for a business class ticket.

Gone are the days when business class seemed impassable. With so many easy actions, everyone can have a comfortable flying experience without being limited by budget.

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