6 health startups to follow this 2023

Health startups have been making waves in the industry in recent years, as they have the potential to break new ground, improve global healthcare, and introduce innovative approaches.

in 2022 alone, These companies netted $6 billion in funding, demonstrating strong demand for the value of their services. For one, many health startups are focused on developing new diagnostic tools that have the potential to revolutionize traditional treatments. By introducing new technologies and approaches, these companies can help fill unmet needs and improve outcomes for patients.

Furthermore, health startups can also disrupt obsolete practices by challenging the status quo and forcing the healthcare industry to evolve. By introducing new methods and approaches that are more efficient or effective, these companies can help drive change and improve the way healthcare is delivered.

These 6 health startups are key players in global healthcare reform by introducing new forms of treatment and providing access to healthcare around the world:


Evinature focuses on the development and distribution of integrative therapies for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Through the use of nutraceuticals clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of IBD, the company aims to provide patients with access to accurate diagnosis and treatment. This is accomplished through the use of the company’s proprietary online platform, which guides patients through the CurQD™ protocol.

The CurQD™ protocol is a natural, optimized treatment regimen that has been successfully implemented into standard clinical practice at major medical centers in Israel and has had a transformative impact on the way IBD patients are treated.


Sondermind is a company that connects mental health providers with a network of new patients and helps with various aspects of the healthcare process, including payer credentialing, billing and claims management, and guarantees immediate payment on claims .

Sondermind’s licensed therapists are in network with several major insurance providers including HSAs, FSAs and Medicare plans. The company aims to make it easier for individuals to access mental health care by eliminating waiting lists and the need to search through outdated directories. Sondermind believes that therapy can be an effective treatment option, and is committed to redesigning mental health care to make it more accessible and convenient for patients.


CareRev is dedicated to building a sustainable future for healthcare professionals. Through its innovative marketplace platform, CareRev provides healthcare professionals with the freedom to choose how and when they work, as well as the tools to help them grow their careers and pursue personal growth opportunities and provides access to training.

CareRev is a rapidly growing team of nursing leaders, engineers, customer advocates, talent managers and designers, all working towards the common goal of creating a more flexible and efficient workforce in healthcare. The company’s mission is to provide facilities and physicians with staffing solutions that enable them to adapt to changing demands and provide the best possible care for their patients. By supporting the growth and development of healthcare professionals, CareRev is helping to build a more sustainable and effective healthcare system.

modern fertility

Modern Fertility is a reproductive health company committed to making personalized fertility information more accessible. To achieve this goal, the company provides an essential range of fertility hormones, including at-home testing, digital tools, and an online community for women, whether they are trying to have children or not.

Modern Fertility aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive health and give them greater agency over their bodies and their future. By providing comprehensive resources and support, Modern Fertility helps individuals understand their reproductive hormones and make informed choices about their reproductive health now and in the future.


Novoik uses AI to detect subtle cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s neuropathology based on the way people speak. The company is focused on increasing access to early detection of Alzheimer’s disease, which is a critical factor in effective treatment. Using speech-based testing, Novovic aims to provide scalable access to early detection for anyone. The company is collaborating with the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative and more than 50 medical centers to support early detection in under-served communities.

Novoik’s audio-verbal assessment is a fully automated experience that has been tested on thousands of users. It is a self-assessment tool that is easy to use and has been shown to be effective. In addition, the company’s speech-based test is the first to successfully predict amyloid PET positivity, with performance comparable to plasma tests.

hinge health

Hinge Health is leading the development of the most patient-centered digital musculoskeletal (MSK) clinic in the world. Its innovative solutions have been chosen by a large number of employers and health plans that provide digital MSK solutions. The company’s approach to MSK care combines advanced wearable sensor and computer vision technology with a comprehensive clinical care team of doctors of physical therapy, physicians and board-certified health trainers.

Hinge Health Digital MSK Clinic is connected to over 750,000 in-person providers and enables real-time interventions that have been shown to reduce medical claims. The company is committed to providing patients with high-quality, personalized care designed to help them achieve optimal health and wellness.

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