A back-to-business Apple news briefing

So you’re back at work after a long vacation? As we dive into 2023, these slices of Apple-related news should prepare you for the year ahead Wait to see what Apple achieves in 2023,

iPhone, Mac, iPad and hardware rumors

During the season, the following pieces of speculation began to circulate:

  • iPhone 15 rumors introduce this year’s smartphones with the cutting-edge A17 3 nm chips Slightly improved performance, full range 48MP rear camera, haptic buttons and titanium frame, for better performance and longer battery life. In related news, Apple may cancel or delay plans for iphone se4,
  • first 3nm chips should come to mac this yearLikely with the new M2-branded processor, according to 9-5Mac.
  • TSMC has began production of 3nm chips in Taiwan. Apple currently relies on chips produced using the foundry’s 5nm process.
  • is apple Working on a new version of the iPad mini Equipped with a new processor for launch this year. It may eventually launch a foldable tablet, but not before 2025.
  • Apple is reportedly working airpods liteA low-cost version of its earbuds designed to compete with all those cheap AirPod-like sets you see around.
  • The company is planning a new 27-in. 120Hz display with Mini-LED.
  • probably the most interesting snippet is related to Apple’s new Apple Pencil patent, It describes a device that can sample real-world colors and textures for use on the iPad.

Good news, bad news in the Apple supply chain

Apple’s challenges with manufacturing in China have been well documented, but changes in national approaches to COVID-19 mitigation have enabled its manufacturing partners to return to more normal production, even though critical cost,

These changes meant that Foxconn met 90% of its original production target, Reuters report, it is translating into better hardware availability in many areas.

Apple has continued to diversify its manufacturing base and has brought Luxshare In order to manufacture the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, the impact of the rapidly increasing number of infections is being felt Downstream in the Component Supply Chain It is difficult to estimate such a long term hardware availability.

Apple continues to invest in production facilities outside China, the Indian government is working to capture MacBook and iPad production and Vietnam is about to start production locally,

There were further reports that Apple is seeing some weakness in sales of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models, and is reportedly considering a cut prices Later It’s interesting that Amazon is now selling that model for $50 less than sticker price. Apple warns of even more expensive battery replacements for iphone, macsAnd ipad, starting from March. it all happens in the background deteriorating economic performance throughout the US, Europe and China.

Apple’s search for CSR

Cynics may call it greenwashing, but the truth is that if every company made the same level of effort, we would have a chance of meeting climate goals. Sadly, they don’t. The good news from Apple is that it appears to be moving forward previously announced schemes To store heat from your iCloud data centers to heat nearby homes. What is important about this move is that it sets a precedent for corporate social responsibility elsewhere.

Amazon and Microsoft are already making this change. Just consider how much energy these places use. Can this fuel be used in other ways than just disappearing to drive your tweets?

while Apple reportedly intends to loosen its control around the App Store, it is also searching for points of resistance that do not need to be pushed further. In December, Apple CEO Tim Cook Called on Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan To talk App Store regulation and his company’s multi-billion investment in the supply chain business. ground level? this can be done Some expectations will blow out,

farewell to dark sky

Raise any remaining glasses of the good stuff to the memory of the excellent Dark Sky app that is Apple acquired in 2020 and is now closed, You’ll find most of its features in the company’s own Weather app, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Dark Skies. Bye, and thanks for the weather warnings.

Good for stress…?

Frontiers for Digital Health Published research that shows “very promising” signs you can use the Apple Watch and ECG readings to monitor stress. A proper place to sign as we enter The New-Normal Is Not-Terribly-Normal After the Holidays Times.

Happy New Year!

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