Anonymous hackers obtain and release 100,000 3Commas API keys

Hackers leaked around 10,000 API keys belonging to the users of 3Commas, a trading platform.

Hackers obtain 100,000 3Commas API keys

The hack that leaked 100,000 API keys online was revealed earlier today after customers of 3Commas complained that the platform leaked their API keys, causing them to lose money.

many reports Indicates that API keys are associated with major exchanges, including binance, kukoin, okxAnd coinbase, In fact, following the leak, there were reports of 3Commas users claiming to have seen their API keys in a published document.

In recent weeks, have been dozens of complaints 3Commas from users who claim that their API keys were used to execute trades without their consent. Many customers lost large amounts of money from those breaches. Reports indicate that users have lost around $6 million to such attackers since October.

3Commas CEO confirms API keys are authentic

Yuri Sorokin, CEO of 3Commas, Confirmed that the leaked API keys were authentic. Sorokin noted that the company had already notified exchanges including Binance and KuCoin to remove the information.

According to Sorokin’s tweet, when the complaints came to light a few weeks ago, the network investigated internally to see whether it an inside job But allegedly no evidence was found. Sorokin highlighted that only certain employees had access to the infrastructure; Access has since been revoked.

The CEO noted that their investigation was to no avail, that they implemented new security measures and are cooperating with law enforcement on the matter.

Allegations that 3Commas leaked customers’ API keys surfaced online weeks ago, and 3Commas representatives denied any involvement with it. He claimed that the customer lost money due to phishing attack. However, most of the customers claimed that they did not interact with any phishing websites. Many important members of the crypto community, including Binance CEOhas advised 3Commas users to remove their API keys from the network.

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