Anonymous wallets move staggering amounts of XRP

According to information provided by Whale Alert, unknown wallets moved a large amount of XRP tokens between cryptocurrency exchanges in the past. Ripple sent a staggering BILLION XRP the day before.

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Crypto over tracking tool discovers three sizable transfers XRP From the purse which he recently flagged as “Unknown”. The combined value of these three transfers is 40, 30 and 147.8 million XRP, for a total of approximately 218 million XRP tokens, or about $73 million.

Out of these three, the first two transactions were done in Bitstamp wallet.

According to data published by Bithomp XRP Explorer, a wallet associated with the prominent Bitstamp exchange received 40,000,000 XRP from an address associated with the US-based Bittrex exchange. This is reportedly the same platform as the transaction that distributed 30,000,000 XRP to Bitstamp.

A 148,700,000 XRP chunk was sent from an anonymous wallet to Bittrex via the Binance exchange.

Is this linked to the recent 1bn XRP withdrawal?

As planned, financial powerhouse Ripple, currently a hot Lawsuit with SEC, took 1 billion XRP from escrow on Jan 1st.

Since the firm chose to promote the token’s utility in the market in 2017-2018 and to supply its partners and customers (banks and other financial institutions) with enough XRP, it has been making monthly payment transfers. Initially, Wave Held 55% of the 100 billion XRP supply in escrow, issuing 1 billion per month for the past five years.

Typically, out of the unlocked amount, 200-300 million XRP is released to the market, while the rest is kept locked in an escrow account. Whale Alert did not record transactions that would have returned hundreds of millions of XRP to escrow.

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