As Ethereum (ETH) turns deflationary, Rate That Crypto (RTC) plans to claw its way into the top 100 crypto list

The merger of Ethereum, codenamed Bellatrix, due later this year has everyone talking in the crypto industry. The new, improved network is more efficient and uses up to 99.5% less energy. And a new fee-burning system has turned Ether (ETH) into a deflationary currency, which has excited many investors.

However, Ethereum is not the only cryptocurrency making waves in the industry. Rate That Crypto (RTC), a new crypto platform that allows you to place long and short trades based on your market analysis is also making heads turn. The platform has plans to make its way into the top 100 crypto list in 2023 and could represent your next investment opportunity. This piece will look at the deflationary effects of Ethereum and how RTCs will become the next big thing.

What is making the ether deflator?

Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency and one of the most popular blockchain networks, has significantly changed the way the sector operates. In practical terms, the changes that Ethereum has made to its blockchain network are related to the recording of transactions. Crypto platforms have shifted from using proof-of-work consensus to the more durable proof-of-stake method to verify and record transactions.

It is a more eco-friendly approach to run the crypto industry as it considers the need to reduce global warming while making it more efficient.

However, that’s not the only reason investors are excited. Ethereum, The platform has introduced a new fee-burning mechanism that removes a portion of transaction fees from circulation. This will reduce the number of Ether in the market over time and increase its value, turning Ethereum into a deflationary asset.

rate that crypto utility

RTC is a mobile-first platform that allows you to score on the up or down movement of crypto prices. The more correct predictions you make and the higher rank you get on the leader-board, the more RTC, the platform’s native token, you earn. Below we highlight some of the reasons RTC will grow exponentially in 2023.

1. Prize Pool

The Rate That Crypto platform has a maximum supply of 500 million tokens, subdivided for various purposes, with 40% dedicated to rewards. Furthermore, as a player, you will be rewarded every month according to your position on the leader-board. It is different from other platforms and this will increase the competition among the players.

2. Bonus Draw

In addition to monthly consideration for players who top the leader-board, the platform randomly selects a few who meet a minimum number of TRCs and rewards them. This keeps things interesting and ensures that all players have an opportunity to earn.

3. Buy and Sell Tax

Every time you transact on the platform, a 4.9% tax will be deducted to meet overheads and fill the prize pool. Hence, ensuring that the platform remains competitive and attractive in the future.


The crypto industry can be fun and challenging at the same time. It may be more challenging than fun at the moment, but the good news is that the industry is working hard to make things better. For example, Ethereum has taken a huge leap forward in making this sector more green and sustainable, while platforms like RTC are redefining what it means to invest in crypto. But as far as RTC making its way into the top 100 crypto list, only time will tell.

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