Best Remote Tech Jobs for 2023

Remote work is reshaping industries, allowing for greater employee work-life balance and flexibility, while also enabling companies to consider a geographically limitless pool of talent.

According to the job search site, the “computers and IT” category was the top career category for fully remote jobs in 2022, with fully remote listings growing 24% year-over-year. flexjobs,

Employers like Twilio, HubSpot, and AnywhereWorks are just a few examples of IT companies that have increased hiring for remote jobs, according to a FlexJobs spokesperson.

online job search site really recently published a list of the “best” remote jobs Available now. That list included technical support engineer, application developer and software engineer positions.

Technical support engineer, with a national median salary of $67,326, actually ranked eighth in the report’s top 14 jobs; Application developer positions ranked 13th with a median annual salary of $80,761; And software engineer jobs ranked 14th with an annual median salary of $113,660.

While not strictly a technical job, project engineer was also actually on the list with an annual median salary of $74,169.

Top cyber security jobs include analyst, manager, engineer, and penetration and vulnerability tester. All but two of the top 10 cyber security jobs pay more than $100,000 on average. job website cyberseek,

Meanwhile, according to A new study from HR consultancy RemoteWeb developer jobs offer the best opportunities for remote work, with data scientists, software engineers, data analysts, and cyber security positions completing the top five list of remote.

Remote analyzed the 40 most advertised job roles on the employer review site glass doors, as well as the percentage of listings for each that allowed employees to work outside the office. The study looked at job offers in the US and UK.

According to Remote, in the US, web developers have the highest chance of working remotely, with about 37% of positions advertised as having that option. Web developers working in a remote role can earn up to 31% more than the US industry average.

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IT industry association CompTIA publishes a IT Salary Calculator Including salary estimates for 15 different jobs (initial, mid and advanced career levels) and geographies (50 states plus DC and 400 metro markets). For example, a mid-career software developer can expect to earn an average salary of $122,780 in Denver, $99,880 in Des Moines, or $98,540 in Duluth.

The top tech jobs available according to CompTIA are:

  • Software Developer/Engineer (74,668 Posts);
  • IT Support Specialist (17,376 Posts);
  • System Engineer (16,984 Posts);
  • IT Project Manager (16,062 Posts);
  • Network Engineer (14,609).
Percentage of Jobs Listed as Remote far

Percentage of job postings listed as “remote”.

“With greater flexibility now demanded by remote employees, companies around the world have had to rethink their business models to attract and retain top talent,” Remote said in the study. “As a result, many sectors, job roles and countries are rapidly adopting the future of remote work.”

increasing number of companies established policies allowing any employee to work fully remotely, including Twitter, meta ,Facebook, Airbnb, 3m, Atlassian, lyft, SAP, Loose, SpotifyAnd Vmware, Many are taking a lesson from employees who choose to work in an entirely remote world, preferring to shut down offices and manage remotely; Other organizations have permanently closed offices that were used by very few employees.

CompTIA Large Industries for Technical Jobs Comptia

In terms of industries adopting remote work, IT was third on a list of 10 industries, with 15.4% of all IT jobs in the US being fully remote. Telecommuting was also in the top 10, but only 9.4% offered fully remote positions, according to Remote.

However, the number of remote studies was small compared to other research firms. Currently, 43% of knowledge workers, including web designers, systems analysts and technical writers, can work completely remotely, according to Gartner.

CompTIA Large Industries for Technical Jobs.2 Comptia

Interest in remote work is on the rise, with 65% of people saying that fully remote work is their ideal arrangement, according to a survey by the online job search site. flexjobs,

In its report, FlexJobs compared the number of fully remote jobs from January 2022 to December 2022 across 50 career categories in its database. Every category grew by at least 20% during that period.

“As our latest list of remote careers demonstrates, the range of remote work spans a variety of industries, career levels and roles – creating many opportunities for workers,” said Tony Frana, career services manager at FlexJobs, in a statement. Has been.” “We anticipate this trend to continue well into the future as more employers adopt permanent remote workplaces.”

The FlexJobs survey found that a majority of respondents chose flexibility over an increase in salary. In fact, 63% of the 4,000 respondents said they would choose a better work-life balance over a higher salary.

According to FlexJobs, job seekers are also heavily invested in holding or obtaining remote or hybrid jobs. Eighty-seven percent of respondents indicated a remote or hybrid job Will (or already have) improved their work-life balance. Only 3% said they would like to go back to the office 100% of the time.

Additionally, FlexJobs found:

  • 65% prefer one 100% remote work arrangement;
  • 32% would prefer a blended workplace;
  • 57% said they would look for a new job if they could not continue working remotely.

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