‘Bitcoin Founder’ Craig Wright May Appeal Against Satoshi Defamation Verdict

Reports suggest that a Norwegian court has upheld Craig Wright’s right to appeal his Satoshi defamation case against Twitter user HodlNot.

Craig Wright can appeal

case between craig wright And Hodlnot took a new turn on 23 December. Reports emerged that the former Satoshi may appeal the defamation finding. A few years ago, Wright publicly claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin founded by. Twitter user HodlNot publicly called his actions a hoax.

A few weeks ago, an Oslo judge ruled that Tweep was within his rights to post his barrage of tweets calling Wright a scammer and a fraud. In delivering his ruling, the judge said that Hodlnot had sufficient grounds for posting his tweets, after several witnesses noted some inconsistencies in Wright’s documents.

The courts have now given the go-ahead for KOL to appeal in the matter. Wright’s attorney Halvor Manshaus recently noted:

“For Dr Wright, this decision means that the Court of Appeal will hear his case and give its independent decision.”

In contrast, Hodlnot’s counsel attempted to downplay the significance of the new ruling, seeing nothing unusual about the decision.

craig can’t appeal

Initially, reports claimed that Wright intended to appeal, citing anonymous bullying. His lawyer cited some issues including harassment, defamation and general protection of personal area.

However, based on recent tweets, Craig Wright is dropping any legal attempts to prove his role in inventing bitcoin. Craig Wright says he will not give up on his goal of ensuring a fair global micropayments network.

However, he claimed that he no longer wanted anyone else’s validation, only his family’s. This week on 21 December, Craig Wright was awarded $1.1 million by a UK court for claims made by podcaster Peter McCormack. before this, in AugustWright was awarded 1 euro for damages related to the defamation case.

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