BitKeep users fall victim to $8M hack

bitkeep purse Users lost $8 million due to downloading the hacked APK version. The community feels somewhat shady.

2022, the most viewed year DeFi Hacks is about to end. But the hackers are determined to siphon off even more of users’ funds during the holiday season. bitkeep announced on their official Telegram channel that hackers had hijacked some APK package downloads.

The announcement read, “If your funds have been stolen, the application you downloaded or updated may be an unknown version (unofficial release version).” The team recommends that users of the APK version transfer their funds to a wallet downloaded from an official store such as the App Store or Play Store.

The team promised full compensation if the platform caused any property damage. they issued a google form To collect information relating to users affected by the hack.

BitKeep Wallet Users Lost $8 Million

BitKeep User First Reported Unusual activities with their wallet on the Telegram group yesterday. One user complained that their funds were being automatically sent to a wallet address, “0x66bfda9595c5d70880b142f1f6c6c0fab63e2491.” Later today, several more users complained about automated transactions.

peckshieldalert, blockchain security And the analytic company reported on Twitter that hackers had stolen $8 million in assets. Property includes 4373 binance coin (BNB), 5.4 million USDT, 196,000 Midwifeand 1233.21 Ethereum,

2022, the year of DeFi hacks

According to Defilama, hackers made more than $3 billion this year. in the end, they exploited over $718 million DeFi Protocol In October, it is the biggest month in the biggest year of crypto hacking activities.

defi hack 2022
source: defilama

Every other day, some report of a DeFi hack hits the headlines. With this frequency of hacks, the community has to wonder whether the protocols deliberately leave their security settings low.

In addition, members of the community Reported Even those who downloaded the official version of BitKeep Wallet suffered from the hack. Is someone lying here?

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BeInCrypto has reached out to the company or the person involved in the story for an official statement regarding the recent development, but has yet to hear back.

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