lost 32.5 BTC and 1964 ETH in recent attack, X-Explore shows

In December last year,, a BIT mining subsidiary, revealed that they had been hacked, losing millions in digital assets, which have now been revealed by X-Explore to be 32.5 BTC and 1964 ETH.

Stolen assets were transferred to other exchanges

Approximately $2.5 million in stolen ETH was transferred from the account to four unique addresses and then gone tornado cache and other exchanges such as Binance and KuCoin.

According to X-Explore, a Bitcoin A wallet with the address 3FxUA-LtUx2 was used to transfer 32.5 BTC worth approximately $0.55 million. The BTC was allegedly stolen and it is believed that the hackers used a centralized BTC mixer for money laundering to hide the source of the bitcoins.

In addition, a ETH Wallet address: 0x5b310960a7922092fdCB9295ece336012F9CF87e Suspected of harboring stolen 1964 ETH, was linked to suspicious activities.

The fund consists of client assets

Authorities “had launched an investigation on December 23, 2022 collecting evidenceand requested assistance and coordination from relevant entities,” according to

“In the hack, certain digital assets were taken, including approximately US$700,000 worth of assets owned by customers and approximately US$2.3 million in company property value.”

btc dot com.

The company promised to make significant efforts to recover the stolen digital assets.

Hackers may have used digital asset mixer to cover tracks

The hackers may have used Tornado Cash, an ETH mixer system, as it claims to enhance transaction privacy by hiding the on-chain connection between the Ether source and destination.

For BTC, the hackers may have used a centralized BTC mixer to launder the stolen proceeds from the firm. mixer protocolAlso known as cryptocurrency tumblers, they are often used to launder the revenue of organized crime, despite claims by some that their purpose is to preserve the privacy of activists or other politically exposed people.

Other mixers that have been shut down by enforcement agencies in the past include Helix, which fbi shut down for darknet cash laundering in 2021, and bestmixerWhich was the target of a raid by EU authorities in 2019.

BIT Mining is a leading technology-driven cryptocurrency mining company with a long-term plan to add value to the entire industry. Its functions include mining cryptocurrencies, operating mining pools, operating data centers, and manufacturing mining equipment.

The company controls, the world’s most popular blockchain browser, and operates a comprehensive mining pool business under that domain and provides services for mining a range of currencies, including BTC, ETH, and LTC.

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