ConsenSys introduces new use for sharing goods and desires

ConsenSys announced an innovation called Soulflake xyz. This creation will enable users to share wishes, gratitude, gifts and love this holiday season.

Soulflake xyz unveiled for users

ConsenSys has reported the unveiling of Soulflake xyz, an experimental Web3 community utility developed in its labs. This allows customers to actively participate in the blockchain ecosystem as they share gratitude, wishes, love and gifts during the festive season.

ConsenSys tweeted about the announcement:

ConsenSys is a well-known Ethereum software developer. They enable businesses and individuals around the world to make the upcoming Launch applications, existing banking infrastructure, and connect to the decentralized web.

Soulflake dApp allows users to create soulbound NFTs

soulflake is one web3 Social value is being tested on polygonal networks. dap Web3 makes it easy for customers to create and send Soulbound NFT holiday cards with creative on-chain designs and $MATIC tokens as gifts to loved ones or friends.

This project is the result of the ConsenSys Innovation Lab’s commitment to testing new ideas and developing experiments to push the boundaries of Web3.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as Soulbound (SBT) can only be issued and held by a wallet because they are non-transferable and non-tradable. Due to their uniqueness and uniqueness, they can painted And Web3 handles social relationships and identities in a proven and personalized way, free from the dangers of centralization or the allure of price speculation.

Consensus said:

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