Crypto Banking App Juno Auctions Mutant App Yacht Club NFTs

Juno, a banking app for crypto users, has launched an auction involving Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MYC) NFTs. The all-time high bid for JCOIN is $1,200.

Juno launched an NFT auction on December 21 called Juno Drops. According to the bank’s official account on Twitter, it will only last for 48 hours.

The roster includes three other NFTs and a Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). The only way to bid is with JCOIN, Juno’s in-app prize token.

According to Juno’s website, the highest bid for MAYC NFT is currently 175,000 JCOIN, which is equivalent to $1,211 at the current market price.

to MYC Yug Labs One of the most sought after NFT collectibles worldwide with a lifetime trading volume of 470,00 ETH, its sibling collection the other side There is a stand-alone metaverse where other NFTs can transform into actual gaming characters, gain access to different experiences, and participate in open-world games.

JCOIN Price and History

JCOIN is a Juno loyalty token based on the ERC-20 standard. Imagine it being an Amex rewards program that is completely on chain. Owners of Juno checking accounts receive JCoin for completing specific basic tasks, including using their Juno card to make purchases or introduce friends on the platform. As a result, even if you are not a Juno member, you can still bid in auctions by registering and receiving JCOIN.

In addition, Juno has created a public treasury of NFT projects valued at over 50 ETH based on their cultural impact, long-term performance, and ability to develop new ones. web3 Domestic Services. Brands such as Azuki, Doodles, Kaiju Kingz, MAYC, Memeland (9GAG), adidas Originals, and more are now represented at Treasury.

According to CoinMarketCap, the current price of JCOIN is $0,007.

Juno wants to go big in the NFT space

The Juno team is planning a special event nft Drop by and auction off the most valuable NFTs every month to celebrate the dynamic field of digital art.

Each drop will include one or more NFTs from the Juno NFT Treasury. For the Yugverse Collection, the starting bid for the first drop is 50K JCOIN. When the auction ends, the highest bidder can claim the NFT after three days.

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