Data leaked from 400 million Twitter accounts reportedly for sale

On 24 December, cybercrime intelligence company Hudson Rock notified the public of a “credible threat” that it said was a hacker offering to sell one. private databaseIncluding contact information for 400 million Twitter user accounts, complete with data about their private emails and valid phone numbers, including high-profile personalities Vitalik Buterin, AOC, Kevin O’Leary, and many more.

Whistleblowing cybercrime filmmaker Hudson Rock revealed that his contact claimed to have received data in early 2022 after discovering vulnerabilities on the social application. However, due to the number of accounts involved, the cybercrime intelligence firm said it could not independently verify the hacker’s claims, suggesting users to verify their data.

DefYield, A web3 The security company has, nevertheless, confirmed the authenticity of the data by reviewing 1,000 accounts provided by the hacker as samples. He used Telegram to contact the hacker and noted their activity, informing them that there was a buyer.

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Users on Twitter, especially those using pseudonymous accounts, may have good reason to be concerned.

Analysts note that given the 450 million monthly active users, it is difficult to envision a breach of this magnitude.

Alleged hacker group Ryushi is accused of maintaining a buyer database For subsequent breaches of the advt. Already, they want Elon Musk to pay $276 million for selling data and avoiding fines from the General Data Protection Regulation Agency.

The fee is for the hacker to remove the information and guarantee that it will not be sold to another party. This is done to protect many celebrities and politicians from phishing, crypto scams, doxing, and SIM swapping.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission launched an investigation on Friday against Twitter in relation to a data breach This happened in August and reportedly affected 5.4 million Twitter users.

Twitter users and crypto enthusiasts have been advised to take precautions such as using non-custodial wallets, changing passwords and creating 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for their social media accounts.

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