Destiny 2 – upcoming changes and future Lightfall updates

In late fall, Banjie held a major presentation, laying out all of the future changes and updates to the Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2, which will be released at the end of February next year.

You can pre-order now and get a special rifle as a thank you.

Preparing for updates is already worth it, because the release of new content is always a quick rush into new locations and dungeons, which are often difficult and unpredictable in the first weeks after the release of the update.

To follow the update, you need to prepare your character – pump the maximum level, go through legendary raids several times and collect the best weapons of power that you find and on special cartridges of emptiness, sun and lightning does stock.

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Upcoming Changes and News

Lightfall will be the last update in the series, during the release of which old content from the paid add-on will be removed for rework and improvements.

Destiny 2 is also available for Epic Games account holders with cool bonuses and additions for the anniversary of the game.

Bungee promises to add built-in functionality to the game for searching and selecting a group for hiking in dungeons and assaults.

illumination Will bring an update to the old ranking system of player reputation, weapons and equipment, and the patron system.

story line changes

Calus would officially become a follower of darkness, changing his appearance and being tasked with a special Cabal army called the Shadow Legion. Appearance will differ in the presence of armor.

A new ability to suppress the power of guardians and torment will be added – new opponents comparable in strength and equal to mini-bosses.

There will be a new planet for the sports world – Neptune. On Neptune, players will find a large settlement of alternate people who have evolved in their own way since the first Fall. The city and planet will be built in a neon-dominated style in all buildings and architecture.

New subclass for all characters – Strand

Strand is a completely new energy that players will be able to explore and master as part of the passage of the storyline, introducing themselves to the Lightfall content.

Using ropes to strand should be considered a new form of energy. It is not like any of the ones presented before. The strand is applied in shades of green to separate itself from the sun, lightning and emptiness.

Players are still able to choose which subclass to prioritize, and the system will still be in balance at the start of the update. First of all, the stand should be considered as a simplification and speed-up in the way Neptune and other old positions were orbiting.

The remaining subcategories remain with the old recommendations:

  • titan – lightning and melee damage to all creatures it makes contact with.
  • Warlock is a null to all AoE abilities and a significant buff that deals damage.
  • Hunter – channeling strength in the sun and a strong and long-range shot that will cause tremendous damage to the target.

Now let’s move on to implementing the standard subclass for all classes and the additional features it provides to players.

  • The hunter would use the strand as a grapple and mount the kunai on the rope.
  • The Warlock would use the strand as a long-range projectile that he could hurl at a target.
  • The Titan will use the Strand as an offensive power-up for his arms, which will add a blade and enhance melee attacks.

Strand energy will be available from new weapons, obtained in new story missions and hunting areas of the planet Neptune.

All characters will be able to use a special cat hook, with which you can rapidly move around the world, clinging to ledges. Using the energy of the strand, you can create stable points on your own and move around with little or no visible support.

Passage of the story campaign will be available in two difficulty modes – normal and legendary.

You can buy the game’s early access now to save money and get content before the rest and cool extra rewards from the developers. In addition, the closer the release date of the new Lightfall update for Destiny 2, the more expensive the add-on. The Destiny 2 game is supplied on shareware terms and does not require players to invest in order to start the game, they will only need to pay extra for new global updates that Bungee Developers will be processing and updating from time to time. lead to.

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