Electric preferred over petrol cars in ‘dual fuel’ households


A survey by Zap-Map shows that among EV owners who also have a petrol or diesel car, electric cars are preferred for all types of journeys.

Research from the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Point Mapping Service zap-map showed that nearly a third of EV owners also owned a petrol or diesel vehicle. But its survey of more than 4,300 EV drivers showed that more than 1,300 ‘dual fuel drivers’ who also own a petrol or diesel vehicle chose electric for most trips.

The type of travel that is most likely to be preferred for electric is a local day trip For example, going shopping, driving to school or eating out, dual fuel drivers will take an EV 85% of the time.

For commuting, 71% of these drivers use their EV, and even for trips over 100 miles, 67% would stick to electric. Even for UK-based holidaymakers, likely to involve long cross-country journeys relying on public charging networks, a 55% majority would leave the fossil fuel car at home.

yearly zap-map EV Charging Survey showed that most EV owners are electric-only owners. 49% drive only one full battery-electric vehicle, 8% two or more and 2% own or regularly use a battery electric and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

In addition, 25% drive a battery-electric car and a fossil fuel vehicle, while the remainder drive a mix of battery electric, plug-in hybrid and/or fossil fuel vehicles.

The satisfaction level for electric vehicles remains high as compared to petrol and diesel. Less than 2% of EV drivers want to return to petrol or diesel, compared to 9 in 10 who would not consider trading up for a conventional car. Meanwhile the report shows 89% satisfaction for battery-electric vehicles and 83% for plug-in hybrid electrics – higher than 71% for both petrol and diesel.

Melanie Shufflebotham, COO and co-founder of Zap-Maps, says:

“Our surveys have shown for several years now that once you go electric, you don’t go back. This year we’ve gone further to show that drivers who have fully They still choose to drive their electric vehicles. Even for those long cross-country trips where charge stops are likely to be necessary.”

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