Ethereum Expansion Project Scroll To Reset Pre-Alpha Network

The Scroll team announced a scheduled pre-alpha reset that will take place on January 9th and will be geared towards achieving a higher throughput in the network.

pre-alpha testnet reset

According to communication passed through Scroll’s official Twitter account, the team is set to begin exciting optimizations and have a scheduled pre-alpha reset to improve their throughput levels. The reset will happen on January 9th. Each Scroll user will integrate the new protocol into their wallet in order to continue using the platform.

reset requirements

Users will be using the following new set of URLs in RPC endpoints once the new pre-alpha testnet is live.

Upon completing the reset, users will need to reset them and remove the previous Scroll network from the wallet before re-integrating the old protocol.

The company announced that integrating all users into the latest pre-alpha version would take place after the reset, prompting a rebuke of the early iteration. The documents issued earlier will remain valid except for the above URL changes.

Scroll has also provided Contract Deployment Demo To help users become familiar with upcoming progress. According to the tweet, the company will continue to provide updates regarding changes in the core protocol.

The project has also assured users that there is no need to panic or take action. Any necessary action will take place after the reset.

further clarification

On reset day, the blockchain will lose all previous data as it will need to start completely from scratch. User accounts will not disappear from the system, but they will need to reset a wallet To access accounts in both scroll networks.

Scroll will be open to pre-alpha testnet users once it is fully integrated into the blockchain. Currently, it is open to a small pool of testers to test its stability before progressive adoption.

Scroll is an EVM-equivalent developed to scale the Ethereum network, providing users with quick and cost-effective transactions, keeping in mind high security features. ethereum network,

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