Gary Gensler will resign, Ripple will win in 2023

Crypto blogger and pro-XRP campaigner Ben Armstrong, better known as BitBoy, published an incredibly bullish projection for 2023. While the community was expecting Ripple to prevail in its legal battle with the SEC, which constitutes the first part of its forecast, the prediction for the second part was unexpected.

According to Armstrong, Gary Gensler, the current head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), should be forced to resign in the coming year. Similar requests were made on social media earlier in the year, before the demise of cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Crypto advocate John Deaton sees a different picture. In the absence of a pretrial settlement, which many in the XRP community are hoping for, it seems likely that a court will settle the matter. In view of such an outcome, the chances of crypto winning the case become high. Deaton claims that Gensler will not compromise in any way and does not acknowledge that XRP is not a security.

Such stubbornness, not to mention Gensler resigning from his position, could be a significant obstacle to a successful outcome for Ripple and XRP. However, based on various predictions, including those made by those actively involved in the experiment, the results should be known in the coming months.

Ripple vs SEC: how the lawsuit develops

Time has come to end the long standing legal dispute between the two Wave Labs and the SEC, which will serve as a precedent for the entire cryptocurrency market.

On Twitter, there was a rumor in December 2022 that the lawsuit, which hinges on whether Ripple’s XRP coin is an unlicensed security, will have been resolved That month followed an “Ask Me Anything” session with Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson. He claimed to have received rumors that the XRP vs SEC case could be resolved around December 15th. Hawkinson then insisted that he only transmitted words rather than more specific information. This came after many predictions on when the trial would end.

Ripple’s recent summary decision paper paints a different picture. Ripple’s letter cited four pages of emails, with only two words redacted.

Deaton is no longer of that opinion. He thinks there is some reference to XRP in the email, comment or draft. According to Deaton, if XRP was addressed in the email, Ripple’s lawyers would have mentioned it in the papers. However, the SEC recently appealed to cover up Hinman’s documents Before the next hearing, except for the anonymity of which side the case will be.

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