Medium-sized eggs rising fastest

Shoppers are being advised to buy in bulk if they want to avoid rising egg prices this winter – as the price of very large eggs is rising at a slower rate than medium eggs.

Price Intelligence Company Specialist scoodle New data has emerged that tracks the rising prices of eggs over the last five months.

According to the data, a box of six medium eggs increased by 14% while the same number of large eggs increased by only five percent.

In a comprehensive analysis of the price of eggs in the UK, 120 products sold in seven major supermarkets have been forensically tracked over a five-month period to 5 December 2022.

Fresh food price inflation is rising to 14.3% for the 12 months to November 2022, with the price of a box of six medium eggs rising by this figure over the past five months.

Avian flu has disrupted the supply chain of some egg categories, tightening supplies of the most popular products and driving up prices of the most sought-after sizes.

But savvy consumers can get a better price on the shelves if they buy a box of six extra large eggs instead of the smaller ones.

The data showed that less popular egg products, including very large size and large quantities of eggs, had an increase of five to seven percent, while more popular boxes of six large or medium had a higher percentage increase.

It may also reflect the need for retailers to sell the most popular products at the highest prices relative to other variants.

A scoodle The spokesperson said retailers have an unenviable ‘balancing act’ when it comes to pricing, considering the needs of customers, their suppliers and the supply chain.

He said: “Egg shortages have been in the news recently, with some supermarkets rationing the amount individual customers can take home.

“These have been largely driven by supply chain issues, which have also had an impact on the prices that supermarkets are paying to their suppliers.

“What is interesting is how supermarkets are choosing to pass these increased costs onto ordinary consumers.

“Our data shows that it is prices for high-volume products that are increasing at the highest rate while variants such as very large eggs are becoming cheaper than medium-sized ones.

“Shoppers can avoid some of the price hike by choosing very large eggs; although very large eggs are moderately priced higher, they still may not feel like they’re getting a bargain.”

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