Microsoft Reportedly Integrating ChatGPT3 AI With Bing Search

In a renewed effort to challenge search giant Google, Microsoft plans to integrate the AI ​​engine behind the popular chatGPT3 Chatbot from OpenAI to its Bing search engine, according to report information And Bloomberg,

Microsoft is betting on the growing popularity of ChatGPT3 as it unveils a new way to search the internet and answer questions using colloquial language — different from what Google currently offers in the form of links, Bloomberg said, citing a company source.

Google commands over 91% market share in the Internet search category globally by November 2022, compared to Bing’s 2.95%. Similar,

The source cited by Bloomberg also said that Microsoft was evaluating the accuracy of the ChatGPT3 AI engine and working on understanding how soon it could be integrated with Bing, but warned that the chatbot engine would be integrated into Bing. It may take several months to be integrated and released to the public.

The Information report claims that the chatbot engine integration could go live in the March 2023 release of Bing.

An email sent to Microsoft and OpenAI did not immediately elicit a response.

Adding a new AI engine wouldn’t be Microsoft’s first attempt at integrating OpenAI tools with Bing.

In October 2022, Microsoft announced a blog post said that it was looking to integrate DALL-E 2, an image generation software engine, into Image Creator inside Bing.

Both planned integrations can be traced Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI to accelerate efforts to advance artificial general intelligence for “widely distributed economic benefits” in 2019.

artificial general intelligence AI is a term applied to systems that can learn to perform any intellectual task that a person can, and communicate in natural language the way a person can, as opposed to systems trained to perform specific tasks.

“We are partnering within Microsoft Azure to develop a hardware and software platform that will scale to AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). We will jointly develop new Azure AI supercomputing technologies a joint statement,

In addition to integrating new AI features into Bing, Microsoft’s new efforts to grab market share from Google, particularly on the mobile side, include plans for a new super app for mobile phones that integrates shopping, messaging, web search and more. Combines newsfeeds. for one separate report By information.

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