My Neighbor Alice successfully releases its game version 2.0 into the mainstream

Stockholm, Sweden, December 20, 2022, Chainwire

My Neighbor Alice, a blockchain-based social game that has been popular among its users since its initial release, has now launched version 2 for a mainstream audience.

my neighbor alice Successfully released its game version 2.0 to the mainstream audience on December 16, 2022. The online game is slated to release in June 2022 after a successful nine-month pre-alpha phase in September 2021. My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game that allows players to create and manage a virtual land, interact with neighbors, and perform exciting daily activities while earning in-game rewards. The fully decentralized social game is in full swing blockchain Bringing together technology, diverse gaming communities and DeFi enthusiasts to experience an exciting open-world game with narrative gameplay and built-in NFT marketplace to foster interaction and create earning opportunities.

Watch the video trailer here:

my neighbor alice is a game developed by Antler Interactive with an in-game currency, widely known as the Alice Token, which was released in March 2021. It has been developed with dedication to promote it. blockchain Adoption among the masses, the sport has generated worldwide interest and continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Captivating gameplay visuals, immersive storytelling, and a wide range of interactive features drive massive game downloads.

The following in-game features are made available to all players:

  • Avatars are used to represent players and their virtual characters and can be customized by setting up different asset classes.
  • Purchase of virtual plots in virtual islands, which are available on Alice or in the Game Marketplace.
  • Deploy in-game assets, such as NFTS, that are available for sale on the Marketplace.
  • In-game native currency with Alice Token on Alice-chain. Allowing token holders to play games and invest, and be part of the Alice ecosystem.

my neighbor alice The second land sale ends on December 16, 2022, and the project will host another land sale auction, opening up more opportunities for players to win the right to purchase a virtual plot of land for a virtual island in the first quarter of 2023 . My Neighbor Alice will periodically host land sales and items that can be traded through the in-game marketplace as well as the NFT marketplace on others. blockchain Network. To learn more about this project, please visit:

about my neighbor alice

My Neighbor Alice is a social online multiplayer builder game built on the Chromia blockchain platform. The project aims to foster an end-to-end blockchain gaming ecosystem that facilitates NFTs and transactions within the gaming community. The technology behind My Neighbor Alice is based on a staking and renting system. The system is currently being developed and will launch next year, making it possible for users to rent out their NFTs for even more significant earning potential. Ultimately what sets them apart from other earn-to-play games. My Neighbor Alice aims to become a dominant entity in the blockchain gaming space and seeks to maintain and grow a vibrant community of diverse players.

For more information about My Neighbor Alice, visit:

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