OpenSea CEO suggests NFTs will take off from crypto

Devin Finzer – CEO of OpenSea, the world’s top non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace – distanced NFTs from the rest of the crypto market during a recent interview with the Financial Times.

Finger’s notes Follow the ongoing crypto market meltdown caused by the collapse of major crypto exchange FTX which dragged many other firms down to the grave with it.

He acknowledges that “NFTs do not exist in a vacuum” and that changes in the crypto market environment have brought winter to the NFT space as well.

OpenSea CEO sees changes coming in the NFT space

Finzer wants to distance NFTs from the rest of the crypto space.

“It is not necessary that NFTs will always be bought and sold in cryptocurrency as they are today… there are many reasons why this makes sense in the current ecosystem, but as we become wider and more accessible, no This is because NFTs cannot be denominated in US dollars at least… It is really important that regulatory and government officials understand that this is not the same as the wider crypto industry where financial use cases Too much attention is paid to

Devin Finzer, CEO of OpenSea.

the news is recent report good China is planning to build its first regulated market for NFTs and will launch it as early as next week. Despite the bear market, news continues about NFT use by unexpected entities, most recently a temple in Taiwan. launch It has its own NFT collection dedicated to the Chinese sea goddess Mazu.

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