Pie Listing, Trump NFTs and Ripple Win

Crypto News: Here are the most popular stories from the cryptosphere featured on BeInCrypto this first week of the new year.

false pi listing

Reports that Huobi and XT.com were listing the Pi token boosted its valuation. However, the crypto community became in confusion Listing, as there was no official announcement from Pi Network. Some even called out Huobi for attempting to scam investors.

The PI Network team announced that they were not involved in any of the alleged lists. He warned that participating in unauthorized listings could result in substantial losses to investors. According to the announcement, “Pi is currently in the Attached Network and is not approved by the Pi Network to be listed on any exchange or for trading.”

trump token down

irreplaceable The recently launched token by former US President Donald Trump has already 80% fell below their peak value. The minimum price of the collection fell from a peak of 0.84 ETH to a low of 0.19 ETH in less than two weeks.

Apart from the drop in floor prices, daily sales are also down 99% from their all-time high. This indicates a significant loss of momentum. CryptoSlam data showed a 94% drop in one-week sales volume, to just over $386,170.

Schiff tries to troll Sylar

Bitcoin Skeptic Peter Schiff Said That 2023 Will Test Bitcoin’s Staying Power hodlers Michael Saylor after selling 700 BTC for tax relief. Schiff emphasized that bitcoin had lost 65% of its value during 2022. They created a poll asking how long bitcoin would have to last before selling off to investors. About 61% of the respondents said that they would stick to zero.

MicroStrategy actually sold 704 BTC for roughly $12 million but proceeded to repurchase 810 BTC a few days later. MicroStrategy founder Saylor acknowledged that selling bitcoin resulted in a capital loss that could offset the company’s capital gains tax.

Ripple’s top 5 crypto wins

Although its lawsuit with the SEC stalled it in 2021, Ripple Labs had a more prosperous year in 2022. The company made several notable achievements in addition to making progress in its case with the SEC. BeInCrypto covered Top 5 Crypto Wins Ripple and CEO Brad Garlinghouse over the past year.

Last March, Ripple onboarded 4,000 NFT artists through its $250 million Creators Fund, which it launched a year ago. Later, the number of XRP The tokens held in the company’s various wallets fell below 50 billion, which is half of the total outstanding supply of 100 billion tokens. In addition to allaying concerns about over-centralization, Garlinghouse said it showed that users were finding more utility with the XRP Ledger.

Ripple also announced its intention to expand into Europe by registering as a Virtual Asset Service Provider in Ireland. Garlinghouse stressed that the SEC’s indictment had driven Ripple’s business growth overseas, so it was now primarily based outside the US. Ripple also managed to secure key documents in its case with the SEC, which Garlinghouse expects to conclude in the first half of this year.

AI chatbots could populate the metaverse

The use of AI chatbots is set to explode in 2022, such as ChatGPT, which provides tricky solution To populate the Metaverse. Within shared digital spaces, AI chatbots provide users with a world that feels more populated and organic than existing platforms.

The technology can also be used for customer service and onboarding new users to NFTs DeFi Services. AI-based chatbots can provide corporate giants the ability to staff their digital stores without the need for actually having any employees. However, without proper guardrails, chatbots can become just another part of surveillance capitalism.

NFTs on sale this week

Sales of non-fungible tokens have been on an uptrend this week after a significant drop on New Years. Daily sales doubled from $15 million on 31 December to $30 million on 6 January. While sales numbers declined on January 4, they rose again the next day. bored Ago Yacht Club remains the best-selling NFT collectible last week with a sales volume of $57 million.

nft number of sales
source: irreplaceable

crypto coin news

many coins experienced notable benefits this past week, as solana led the pack with 45% appreciation. Lido came in second with a 35% increase, while BitDAO, NEAR and Ethereum Classic all increased by about 20%.

crypto crypto
source: BeInCrypto

Meanwhile, last week’s biggest losers were Huobi and tron, which fell 8% and 6%, respectively. internet computer and hedera hashgraph also fell by 4% and 3%, respectively, while XRP fell by 0.69%.


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