Sam Bankman-Fried has no plans to plead guilty: New interview

In a recent interview with Tiffany Fong, Sam Bankman-Fried revealed that she has no plans to plead guilty to the charges that set forth her fraudulent acts. Collapse of the well-known firm FTX.

SBF gave an interview during detention

Fong was interviewed live with SBF at his parents’ home. She claims that Sam is currently compiling a written series of events about what happened. The interviewer stipulated that he would not engage in a formal discussion until he had completed this.

She also criticized media outlets that sexualized her meeting with Sam prior to the interview.

During the interview, Sam was asked about his experience in detention. According to Fong, Sam described his time in custody as “crazy”. Bankman acknowledged receiving special treatment compared to other inmates. However, Sam discusses the physical conditions of the prison as disgusting. According to Tiffany, Sam was only allowed to meet with his Bahamian lawyer while he was in prison.

Furthermore, Fong took particularly heavy note of the fact that Fried clearly expressed no intention to plead guilty during his next hearing.

Fong’s first encounter with Sam

the previous one interview Fong aroused interest during further hearings of Sam as they proved to be important. In a final interview with a reporter, Sam admitted to giving cash to some parties, despite not publicly admitting it. Sam said that all of his contributions to Republicans and Democrats were hidden, and were not done for legal or ethical reasons.

During that interview, SBF said that he thought it would be good for some Republicans to finance further charitable projects they favor, such as pandemic prevention, that give for purposes other than public image. Can Sam ran into significant problems at the hearing, despite his efforts to clarify the reason for the mysterious donation due to the facts of the Fong interview.

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