Tech Digest Daily Roundup: Toyota boss says there’s a ‘silent majority’ concerned with EVs


Around 2,700 Toyota bZ4X SUV EVs were recalled at the start of the year. Image: Toyota

A “silent majority” of car companies are concerned with electric vehicles won’t be able to end dependence on fossil fuels aloneaccording to a senior toyota executive, Akio Toyoda, the company’s chairman and grandson of its founder Kiichiro Toyoda, said many concerned senior figures are reluctant to say what they really think because of the pressure to go green. It comes as the industry is struggling to move away from petrol and diesel due to material shortages and complex processes, which have kept the cost of manufacturing electric cars high. In remarks on a trip to Thailand first reported by the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Toyoda said: “People involved in the auto industry are largely a silent majority.” That silent majority is wondering whether EVs [electric vehicles] It’s actually fine to have it as a single option. But they think it is the trend so they cannot speak loudly. Wire

Elon Musk tweeted for the first time after more than 10 million people voted for him to step down as Twitter’s chief executive, saying that only paid twitter blue Members will be able to vote in policy-related elections in the future. Musk asked on Sunday Twitter Users want him to step down as head of the company, promising to follow up on the results of their poll. When polling closed on Monday, 57.5% said he should step down. Normally a prolific user of the platform, Musk did not tweet in the hours immediately following the vote. His silence was finally broken when he gave an “interesting” response to the many suggestions that the poll results were tainted by fake accounts. Guardian

a tech company founded by Gary LinekerGeorge’s son has been charged £5.5 million After completing its latest funding round. city ​​based start up, your business numberProvides customers with a virtual phone number that they can use to get in touch with their customers WhatsApp Business It fetched £400,000 between Match of the Day presenters investors, The firm has raised a total of £795,000 since launching last year. George Lineker, 31, said: “I originally didn’t want him to invest, because that’s the reaction you get,” adding Gary was “not tech savvy at all”. evening standard

Amazon is entering a new phase of ambient, functional smart home environments for its customers Case, According to Amazon’s official blog Post, the company has shared that it has completed the first rollout phase of the substance-compatible devices for customers. Smart home device buyers can now surf through 17 different Alexa products, such as echo dot with clock (5th Generation), Plug, Switch, and Bulb with Android setup to connect these devices over Wi-Fi with mater availability. This phased rollout allows the company to start with its most-used Alexa devices as it works through stability hiccups and longevity testing with its partners. Android Central

maker of popular video game fortnite has agreed to pay $520m (£427m) to resolve claims from US regulators that it violated child privacy laws and tricked users into making purchases. while the game loads. It also accused it of using “privacy-invading” default settings. Epic Games blamed “past designs”. “No developer makes a game with the intention of ending up here,” the company said. “We entered into this agreement because we want Epic to be at the forefront of consumer protection and deliver the best experience for our players.” BBC

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