The 3 fastest broadband deals in the UK right now

By the end of the week the world of broadband speeds gets more confusing. Not satisfied with 100 Mbps, many providers are now offering even faster options to many of their customers.

However, it can be very confusing if you don’t know how to keep up to date with the latest lingo. For example superfast and gigafast, do you know the difference? Probably not.

It’s important to ask yourself whether you really even need the extra speed – faster is better, but it’s also more expensive. And we know that the UK household budget is already being stretched.

Read on to find out more about how I weigh up the ‘fastest broadband deals from the Big Three – BT, Sky and Virgin Media’.

After all, most Britons will already be using one of these providers, so it makes sense to focus solely on them rather than smaller local providers.

1. Vodafone Full Fiber – How fast is it?

Vodafone has been a big player in the world of telecom for a long time. It made the UK’s first mobile call in 1985 and is currently one of the largest companies in the country. It owns networks in 22 countries and provides mobile phone contracts and broadband to more than 19.5 million customers in the UK and elsewhere.

Two of the biggest names in the UK broadband industry, BT and Vodafone, offer broadband packages that are both cost-effective and highly functional.

Vodafone’s Fiber One broadband deals start from £22 a month for an 18-month contract. However, introductory offers and discounts are available on many price comparison websites. For example, I found that you can easily do Save £7 a month if you go through the Broadband.Deals website,

The BT Complete package, however, provides a full Wi-Fi network that can be used throughout your home. It also comes with a £100 money-back guarantee. There is also an Apple TV option, which provides a cloud-based television service for use with the Apple TV set top box.

Both companies offer competitive fiber broadband deals that can be used for anything from online gaming to Netflix streaming.

Note that if you are an existing Vodafone Mobile customer, eg If you have Vodafone SIM only planSo when you combine your family broadband and mobile plans into one account you could save up to £380 a year. Bonus!

The Vodafone “Fiber 1” plan provides a decent connection for most users, though you won’t be able to handle 4K content, and average upload and download speeds aren’t that great.

2. Don’t Ignore Bt Fiber

While it may not be the fastest fiber broadband available, the BT Fiber 1 offers a lot for your money. This includes useful extras such as a free router. It also has no traffic management, which means you can get a fast broadband connection without the hassle of fair-use policies.

However, you won’t be able to download as much as you would on the cheaper BT Superfast 2 package.

Although the BT Complete package may be the most expensive, it is still a good value. In addition to Wi-Fi Disk, you’ll receive a £100 money-back guarantee along with up to fifteen licenses. You’ll also find a comprehensive Wi-Fi expert support system to help you troubleshoot any problems you may have with your Wi-Fi.

BT Fiber 2 plan not as fast Same as Vodafone Superfast 2, but it’s a lot cheaper. You can also choose to sign up for the BT Complete deal, which includes a £100 money-back guarantee, a free router and a full set of Wi-Fi discs. You’ll also have access to a range of other useful extras.

3. Virgin Media – Don’t Ignore

If you’re looking for a broadband and TV deal, you might want to consider Virgin Media. Although it is not as comprehensive as other providers, you can get great deals with this provider.

Of course, Virgin Media’s broadband speeds vary by location. However, the average speed is 54Mbps. It is very fast compared to most other broadband providers. Using the postcode checker on their site, you can check whether you’ll get the advertised speeds. If you are not happy with your Virgin Media Broadband you can also contact Virgin Media’s customer service.

If you are a student, you may be interested Virgin Media broadband and TV discount code, Using one can save you a packet. In fact, this bundle is ideal for students with short-term tenancy agreements as it includes super-fast fiber broadband, premium channel packs, talk weekends and unlimited downloads. You can watch Netflix, Sky Sports, BT Sport and other popular channels. You can also choose to add Amazon Music to your plan. What more could a student want?!

What does superfast mean and how do I get it?

Generally, superfast means any connection with at least 30 Mbps. there is not appear to be An official definition of ‘superfast’, so that one is good enough for me.

There are a number of superfast broadband deals available for home users in the UK. However, some providers offer better speeds at a lower cost than others. Vodafone is one of them, and they have recently launched some new packages. The company has been in existence since the early 1980s and is now one of the UK’s leading telecoms companies with a network covering 22 countries and 444 million customers.

Vodafone’s superfast fiber is delivered via the BT Openreach network. The company has a deal with CityFiber, which provides ultrafast broadband across a large area of ​​the UK. It’s also got a partnership with Virgin Media, and the two companies combine their broadband networks to form Hyperoptic. This fibre-to-the-premises technology delivers full-fibre internet directly to your property, making it faster than standard cable and ADSL services.

It’s not the fastest in the country, but it’s faster than other major FTP providers, including rival Virgin Media.

Going Gigafast – Do you need even more speed?

Vodafone is one of the UK’s largest telecommunications providers, with over 19.5 million customers. The company offers a range of home broadband services. Its fiber optic Gigafast broadband deal is now available in some parts of the UK – but not all, so check your postcode.

Gigafast delivers super-fast download speeds of a frankly ridiculous 900 Mbps. It uses a different network from BT’s OpenReach phone line – delivered over a fibre-to-the-cabinet connection and is available to 96% of households in the country. However, a single fiber-optic connection requires multiple fiber-optic cabling, and this can increase set-up cost and time.

As well as fibre-optic broadband, Vodafone also offers a mobile Wi-Fi solution.

This is a great option for those who do not have any fixed line. The company’s GigaCube service boosts Wi-Fi throughout your home when the connection is slow. The system is particularly useful in places with poor ADSL reception. A six month free trial is included. GigaCube also includes rewards and exclusive deals, so you can upgrade your plan whenever you want.

When signing up for a new broadband deal, you’ll be given an inception date. This can take up to ten days, and some engineering work may mean that it will take longer.

During this time, you will be asked when you would like to connect your broadband and other home services. If you are unable to connect your services at the time you are told, you can claim a refund.

The average download speed of Vodafone’s high-end Gigafast package is up to 900Mbit/sec. It is a service which is more in line with rival services from BT and EE. It also comes with additional features like Amazon Alexa. It is also a great option for gamers. You’ll be able to stream HD video content, and you’ll also get access to Vodafone’s 4G network.

It is important to note that Gigafast broadband connections are not for everyone. Most people will be better off with 100MB or less, and those who do a lot of downloading or streaming will be better off with a faster broadband connection. The Pro Gigafast Broadband package is the fastest option from Vodafone. It comes with a download speed of 500Mbit/sec as well as a range of Pro Xtra.

While most of Vodafone’s broadband packages are fibre-to-the-cabinet, some of its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) options can be very affordable. In fact, they’re a far more affordable option than BT’s fiber broadband deals. This is especially true if you are interested in competitive gaming.

How can I reduce my broadband cost?

Along with the cost of living, the cost of broadband is also putting additional pressure on the household budget. The best way to save money is to either use the cashback website (and get up to £150 in credit back), or Use a discount code website like this one for Virgin Media, If you’re an NHS worker, you can save even more on services such as a Blue Light card, so be sure to shop around before you sign up for a broadband contract.




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