The Evolution Of Video Conferencing: iMind Leading The Way In The UK


What if we tell you that there is an ideal video conferencing platform? How do you imagine it? Fewer bugs, better connection speeds, high-resolution video, and tons of tools to help you develop the best business negotiation strategy? You can get all this and much more for free with iMind – a video conferencing tool for companies.

Chat for business: a new approach in the United Kingdom

Whether you have a meeting or are trying to promote your company’s services to others, there is a way to improve your business communication. You have to use a video call as it is the best way to explain more details or persuade someone. There are three pricing plans available to you, not counting a free plan that can be used without registration. Check out the website for more information, and read about their pricing plans. If you want to know the opinion of customers on this topic – see iMind Reviews,

How does it work and what are the benefits of using iMind?

  1. You don’t have to install the iMind app. All you have to do is create a room, name it, copy the link, and send it to a participant. There is a possibility to create up to 10 rooms for free.
  2. High quality video connection – from SD to HD.
  3. Noise Suppression – Cut down on background noise without having to learn sound theory and microphone setup.
  4. It is possible to join the conversation via phone or any other mobile device.
  5. Screen Sharing – If there’s no better way to say it, show it on your computer during a conversation.
  6. Control the volume of your guests and co-workers’ voices. If you feel that someone is capable of speaking more powerfully than others, there is an option to control their sound output during the conference.
  7. Record any conference and make notes for later. Video recording will be available to you at any time.
  8. Improve your conference setup by viewing live connection quality statistics, automatically provided by iMind.

If you’re looking for a specific feature, you might want to check out iMind’s pricing plans.

iMind plans for those who seek more options

There are three pricing plans available in the UK: Pro, Business and Enterprise. Let’s find out what additional benefits they can give you.

  1. Pro – You can text in online chat during a conversation. An unlimited number of created rooms will be available, and you can record them all at the same time. 24/7 multilingual support will be there for you in case something goes wrong with the program.
  2. Business – Personal customer support will be available. You will receive a personal account where you can write to the manager about your question or problem, and receive a response within an hour. You can also save all your video conference recordings to your account and they will be stored there forever.
  3. Enterprise – Get a personal manager for customer support.

You can also find more information on iMind official Facebook account, Improve your business by communicating with iMind.

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