What does autoflowering weed mean?

When growing weed, there are a lot of factors to consider. temperature, moisture, humidity and light. After the vegetative period, growers schedule a light schedule to help the plant grow and develop flowers. However, this is not the same for all types of weeds.

Autoflowering hemp seeds produce plants that bloom independently after 2-4 weeks of vegetative growth. As a grower, you don’t have to worry about light schedules because weed seeds are able to initiate and maintain their flowering stage.

Some strains depend on a specific period of varying light and darkness. For example, in order for them to go from vegetative to flowering stage, they need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. With self-flowering weed seeds, you don’t need all of that.

This is the reason why they are very popular these days along with feminine seeds. This article will examine autoflowering seeds, their benefits and if they are worth the extra cost.

How do autoflowering seeds work?

The plants which require light for flowering are called photoperiod plants. Not only do they require light, but they can also bloom under certain light conditions and during a certain light period. This period is determined by the number of hours they spend in the light and the number of hours they spend in the dark.

To get these plants to flower early and speed their growth, indoor growers keep them on a strict 12/12 photoperiod. That is, 12 hours in the light, 12 hours in complete darkness. Increasing self flowering seeds It’s a different ballgame. Breeders have genetically engineered these strains to be light independent, defying a strict 12/12 light schedule.

When the auto flowering plant reaches a specific size, it starts flowering automatically. They are ready to harvest in ten weeks, and growers can immediately begin a second round of cultivation, as flowering usually begins two to four weeks after planting.

Benefits of autoflowering hemp seeds

There are many benefits to be enjoyed from autoflowering seeds. Besides the fact that the harsh light schedule is off and harvest time is early, here are some other benefits to look for:

  • They are more resistant to temperature fluctuations and cold;
  • It can be grown outdoors and indoors throughout the year;
  • Crop harvesting is timely and reliable;
  • less hassle and faster growing;
  • Plant sizes are smaller so it is more manageable and encourages air circulation;
  • You enjoy more harvest per season than you do with photoperiod plants;
  • Since they do not grow very tall, they are careful to grow;
  • self flowering cannabis plant Can tolerate all forms of light leakage, be it harsh cuff lights or low room lights;
  • high resistance to weather changes;
  • They can tolerate pest and disease infestations better than other varieties;
  • They can also thrive in a variety of soils, and are not overly demanding of nutrients;
  • They offer high levels of CBD;
  • It is an excellent starter for beginners;
  • It doesn’t cost a lot to grow autoflowering plants;
  • There is no need to move them to the growing medium.

Disadvantages of Self Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Nothing in life is perfect; We can say the same for autoflowering seeds. Despite their endless benefits, they have some essential disadvantages:

  • Crops are frequent, but yields are low;
  • The strains have low THC content;
  • Due to genetic engineering, they do not provide good quality clones;
  • They grow and they do not have time to recover.

How To Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Although autoflowering plants are resilient, that doesn’t mean a grower should be careless with their seeds and pay little attention to them. Like every other plant, growing autoflowering seeds requires effort, attention, and patience. This is the only way to get quality results.

As a grower, you’ll want to start by choosing indoor or outdoor planting; anything will do; It depends on your goals and priorities. you can plants indoors Any time of the year, provided there is enough light available for your plants. If you want to plant outside, this may be towards spring, when natural light is more abundant.

Autoflowering seeds grow independently and can provide their own nutrients, so as a grower, you do not need to supply nutrients in the form of fertilizer or manure to their growing medium.

Flowering begins in the first two or four weeks after planting, so there is neither time nor re-planting required. Make sure you plant your seeds in a medium that has enough room to easily accommodate them as they grow. Make sure there are also enough drainage holes to carry enough oxygen into the medium.


Self-flowering seeds are wonderful. They give growers a fresh perspective and the added advantage of growing cannabis at home. The cannabis industry is growing, and people are increasingly looking for faster and more convenient ways to help growers get the biggest yield in the least amount of time.

As more people begin to see the self-flowering potential of hemp seeds, more research will be done, and better strains will be provided. As a new grower, you should try your hand at as many varieties as possible to gain experience and get better at cultivating your weed at home.

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